Finnish Society for the Study of Religion

The Finnish Society for the Study of Religion is a central organisation for the study of religion in Finland. The aim of the society is to promote research in the field of religion, function as a bond between academics interested in this field and maintain international relations with different bodies engaged in the study of religion. The society was founded in 1963 and professor Martti Haavio was elected as the first president. After him the presidency has been held by professor Lauri Honko, professor Juha Pentikäinen, chief librarian Tore Ahlbäck, professor Nils G. Holm, professor Veikko Anttonen, and currently professor Titus Hjelm.

The society executes its aims by organising meetings and open lectures, publishing the referee-journal Temenos, and by representing its members in international organizations and congresses. The society is member in both EASR (European Association for the Study of Religion) and IAHR (International Association for the History of Religions).

Annual activities of the society include Tvärminne-seminar in the autumn and Study of Religion Day in the spring. The autumn seminar on varying themes is organised at the Tvärminne Zoological Research Station owned by the University of Helsinki. The Religious Studies Day gathers together researchers and students of religion and other people interested in the study of religion to discuss contemporary religion related issues. In the context of the event a prize is given to the best Master’s thesis written in the field of the study of religion the previous year. The society’s annual meeting is also held during this event.