Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion

Published by the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
ISSN 0497-1817

Temenos is the journal of the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion. The journal was founded in 1965 as a joint-publication with the learned societies of Comparative Religion in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to promote the research and communication of ideas between scholars. Temenos publishes scholarly articles, academic discussions, conference reports and book reviews within the field of the study of religion and culture. The notion of religion is looked at both as a folk category and a scholarly construct the various uses of which in diverse socio-cultural arenas and contexts – whether in traditional, modern, or late-modern settings – are important objects of critical inspection. Temenos hopes to capture the actual intellectual climate in which present-day scholars of religion and culture work, not only in the Nordic countries, but throughout the world. One of the major themes that the editors wish contributors to pay growing attention concerns the role of religious traditions, religious ideas and representations in the making of nationalities, history, individual identities and various sorts of socio-cultural and political formations in different geographical locations. The old and new conversation partners in the fields of cultural and social anthropology, archaeology, folklore studies, cognitive science, economics, geography, history, political science and sociology are invited to join in. The papers addressing the northern aspect are given special consideration.

Temenos is a referee publication. The language of the publication is English. The journal is supported by the Nordiska Publikationsnämnden för Humanistiska Tidskrifter (NOP-H).

Articles in TEMENOS are indexed in Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Philadelphia), ATLA Religion Database published by the American Theological Library Association (Chicago), MLA International Bibliography (New York) and Science of Religion: abstracts and index of recent articles (Amsterdam).

For further information, please visit temenos.fi.